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“That looks great, but I’m not sure if it fits in with the way that we work.” If you’ve been shown a data analytics platform by a sales representative in the last few years, these words have likely come out..

You’ve heard the hype over and over again about data analytics, but you’re still feeling skeptical? Are you hesitant to go down a new road, thinking that it might be a waste of time and resources for little payoff? Think..

Welcome to our very first edition of “A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst,” featuring the equally talented and down-to-earth Ann Ditlow, Data Analyst at 4Front CU. Ann is a terrific example of female leadership in the male-dominated..

When running a financial institution you know that data is an important part of your operations. You’re regularly collecting customer (for our bank readers) and member (for our credit union readers) data from multiple points at once – customer personal..

In the financial world, your life is all about numbers.   In the world of 21st century finance, it’s really all about data.   Data was always key to the operations of your financial institutions. Think back 100 years and..

If you’ve ever tried swimming in a data lake, you know what disappointment feels like.   Not only is there no water (it’s bad for the computers), but those sharp things byting (see what we did there??) at your ankles..

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